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July 20 2014
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Nov 19 2013
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May 13 2013

Gimbal Mastermind Patch : UNLIMITED MODE - CAPITAL SHIPS

The day has come!

The Mastermind Patch tears down the old limits on money and building. Now you can build the LARGEST, most MANIACAL ships yet. And yes, that includes Battleships.

New For The Mastermind Patch...

Unlimited Mode

  • Enhanced Ship Editor
  • Unlimited Leveling
  • Lifted Restrictions on Size, Speed, and Weapons

New Parts

  • 28 Capital Ship doo-dads
  • Create big chunky airframes


  • Get your name out there

Engine Fixes

  • Over 20 fixes for stability, usability, and gameplay issues

This patch is being distributed via free automatic update and is a natural part of Gimbal's continuing development.