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Q: I didn't receive anything after ordering.

A: That's super easy to fix.

Send an email to and include some identifying information about your order, like the name or time or associated email address.

Q: Will I get a Steam key if I buy Gimbal now?

Yes! Gimbal is now live on Steam. has Steam keys for existing customers. Just visit your Game Wallet. is working on offering Steam keys, and they are coming soon.

For other customers, just email, and include your Gimbal Key in the message.

Q: My game crashes on start up.

A: Try reinstalling with all the pre-requisites first.

Next, test your ability to run XNA games with this program:

Your screen should look like this.

XNA 3.1 Works! Passes Shader Requirements=True Pressed Keys=

If Gimbal is still crashing, email

Q: My ship doesn't fly straight.

A: Gimbal has a rigorous physics model. A small asymmetry in your design is causing an imbalance. You can trim out your ship by making small adjustments to your engines and/or fins. Your ship could also be aerodynamically unstable, which can be fixed by adding or moving fins to the rear.

To tweak a position of a part, select it and press the arrow keys.

For fine rotations, hold the SHIFT key while rotating.

Q: Can I use WASD instead of arrows keys?

A: Controls are unique to each ship. To change from Arrows to WASD, start editing the ship in the Designer, and then use the "Convert to WASD" function near the top of the screen.

New parts you place on your ship will have default (arrow key) bindings. To change those defaults, go to "Settings>Designer Defaults".

Q: Some or all servers show a 9999 ping and I can't connect.

Possible Causes
> UDP Port 11611 isn't open on the server side
> The server threw an error in the game loop and is a zombie
> Connection timeouts are just a few seconds. Sometimes a refresh simply times out.

Q: Can I run a dedicated server?

A: Yes. The Gimbal installation includes a dedicated server executable.

To start with, configure your "Server Options" by running Gimbal proper and then hosting a game. Be sure to set a Server Name. When you host, your options are saved in Gimbal/ServerOptions.xml. You May exit Gimbal.

Run Gimbal/GimbalServer.exe to start the stand alone server. It will run in a console window, and it will suck in the options from ServerOptions.xml. Make sure port 11611 (UDP) is open for your machine, and you server is live.

Q: Is there a way to see which way my ship is pointing without zooming in?

Indeed there is.

Settings>Advanced Settings

[x] Flight Direction Indicator

Q: I can't load ships and I get this error in the logs [Error loading vehicle: System.MissingFieldException]

A: A customer has reported fixing this problem by updating to the latest .Net 4 framework.

Q: Buttons don't line up with my mouse cursor.

A: It's a bug in XNA, but we can resize the Gimbal window manually and get around it.

First, make sure your screen has a native resolution of at least 1024x768. It is the minimum that Gimbal requires to display all the screen elements.

In the Gimbal installation directory, open ClientOptions.xml with Notepad. Find "XResolution" and "YResolution" and change them to the following values: